Integrated Curriculum Information System (ICIS)

The ICIS Database allows staff and students to gain an in-depth understanding of their course and module content.

Users are able to search for Module and Course Specifications and can also print a PDF of their required specification.

The search course option allows users to list all modules that are recommended or optional for successful completion for that given course.

The search modules option allows users to access the full module descriptors:

  • Aims of the Module
  • Synopsis of Module Content
  • Teaching Methods
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Assessment Requirements
  • Concise Indicative Reading List
  • Key Skills Delivered by this Module
  • Validation Details

This information will be of interest to students when deciding which books to familiarise themselves with, gaining an understanding of what’s required to succeed in the module, and especially in the event of preparing a CV or application form whereby it will be necessary to make a potential employer aware of the key skills and experiences they have gained throughout your course and time at university.

ICIS Workflows

ICIS Course Approval Workflow

ICIS Course Modification Workflow

ICIS Course Validation Workflow

ICIS Course Closure Workflow