Our Mission

  • To integrate the concepts of quality assurance and enhancement in all areas of the University and its partners, developing in everyone, an understanding of and commitment to, these principles
  • To commit to continuous quality improvement. This is our way of reviewing and improving our services and work processes involving all our stakeholders
  • To deliver our services with speed, accuracy, low cost, reliability, flexibility, understanding, and a personal approach, paying attention to upholding academic standards.

Our Vision

To further develop and maintain viable and sustainable procedures for quality assurance and enhancement to meet the challenges of the rapidly changing higher education environment, being a leader in the field across the UK sector.

Our Core Values

  • To provide a professional and responsive service
  • To work in a climate that is harmonious, trusting and respectful
  • To sustain a climate of acceptance for innovation and change
  • To pursue excellence in everything that we do

Our Principles

  • All members of the University and its partners are responsible for quality assurance and enhancement
  • Students have a responsibility for quality through their contributions to University feedback mechanisms
  • Quality assurance and enhancement should be viewed as a continual process of reflection, evaluation and feedback
  • Our processes and procedures will be responsive, efficient and effective. We will eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy and ‘red tape’, taking a risk-based approach
  • The University aims to provide the most positive student experience and to encourage quality enhancement whenever possible. Good practice should be shared

Our Stakeholders

Our stakeholders are those who benefit from our service and who have needs we can satisfy

Our stakeholders are: faculties and their staff; students; partners; external examiners; employers; government and external agencies.

  • We support our stakeholders by making them part of our processes in order to meet their needs
  • We work with our stakeholders in a spirit of co-operation and consultation with the intention of discovering through shared experiences how we can serve their varied purposes and goals
  • We treat our stakeholders with respect and provide them with opportunities to be actively involved in evaluating what we do